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CBD And The Treatment Of PTSD


Combating PSTD With CBD

Over the years cannabidiol (CBD) oil has become an increasingly recommended and popular treatment to improve several mental health disorders. One disorder that CBD effectively combats is posttraumatic stress (PTSD), which is connected to sleep, anxiety, and social disorders. As the industry grows, more studies show data that proves CBD is a better and safer option of treatment for these disorders; compared to pharmaceutical medications that provide short-lasting relief with major side effects and the possibility of addiction.


The Power Of CBD Vs PTSD

CBD plays a vital role in treating PTSD because it stops the retrieval of traumatic nightmares and memories and helps an individual balance their emotional wellbeing.

• Individuals diagnosed with PTSD have very low levels of the neurotransmitter anandamide, a natural cannabinoid produced by the body.
• Critically, anandamides function as the body’s natural antidepressants.
• Lack of anandamides can influence symptoms of PTSD such as fear and anxiety.
• An individual that is suffering from PTSD should consider CBD as it is the body’s best way of retrieving natural antidepressants.


The Power Of CBD Vs Anxiety And Sleep Disorders


The power of CBD is initiated when it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the human body; CB1, and CB2.

• CBD indirectly interacts with CB1 by calming and decreasing anxiety, thus stopping too much neuronal activity from taking place.
• CBD has a direct effect on CB2, which provides other medical benefits that reduce anxiety.
• The interaction with adenosine receptors could also prompt the activation of neurotransmitters that aids in boosting memory, happiness, and pleasure.


Also, CBD activates adenosine receptors, causing an anti-anxiety effect, which promotes cardiovascular function and sleep.

• The activation of adenosine receptors promotes sleep for an individual that suffers from PTSD because it relieves anxiety.
• CBD facilitates sleep by ensuring great oxygenation.


In conclusion, CBD is helpful for individuals that suffer from PTSD. Studies show that CBD does combat anxiety, facilitate quality sleep, prevent traumatic memories from arising, and set-up psychological and emotional wellbeing that reduces these brutal symptoms of PTSD. When a person suffering from PTSD no longer has these symptoms, it greatly effects their social well being as they are no longer anxious to attend social gatherings, events, etc.

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