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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most medicinal compounds in the cannabis plant. It’s been utilized as medicine for thousands of years, and recent studies have proven its unique ability to heal naturally by encouraging homeostasis.

Unlike the more famous THC molecule, (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is completely non-psychoactive (it cannot make you feel “high”). In fact, CBD will often cancel out the psychoactivity of THC.

CBD can help your body achieve natural healing or “homeostasis” by activating your internal “endocannabinoid system” (endo meaning “internal”). Your internal cannabinoid system is a core part of your body that runs on molecules nearly identical to CBD, THC, and other “cannabinoids.” Although this system has always been part of human anatomy, it was just discovered in the 1990’s by Israeli researcher Dr. Raphael Mouchalem.

Since then, international researchers have documented the healing power of the cannabis plant to feed this system with external cannabinoids and stimulate natural healing.

When we have a rich, well-nourished endocannabinoid system, we can regulate our emotions, control inflammation, and experience overall well-being! Unfortunately, stress, toxins, synthetic drugs and common everyday chemicals deplete this system and our natural ability to prevent illness is compromised.

Among a long list of benefits, CBD has been proven by studies for the following.

  •  Anxiety relief
  •  Mitigate insomnia
  •  Anti-oxidation
  •  Anti-inflammation
  •  Blood pressure regulation
  •  Blood sugar stabilization


Note: Results may vary. Each individual responds differently. We recommend staying consistent for at least 30 days with a dose every 4 -6 hours. 


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As you’ve probably seen, CBD is flooding the market. From health food stores to Amazon and smoke shops, countless companies and products are coming to market. While there’s no “wrong way” to ingest CBD, there is definitely a wide range of quality and some critical things anyone consuming CBD should know.

  1. Most isolate CBD is from industrial hemp farms producing isolate CBD powder. As you might expect, these farms can be smothered in pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals. Manufacturers then reduce this hemp into isolate powder and sell it to eager distributors. Consumers purchase these products assuming they’re healthy and unwittingly ingest agricultural poisons.
  2. Is it “isolate” CBD? Isolate CBD can produce some noticeable effects, but users find that they fade quickly. Imagine you’re listening to a piano solo with a full spectrum of notes. Now imagine you’re hearing a single note being played over and over–not so good. The same is true for cannabinoids. Your body craves the “entourage effect” of cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC. The feeling from a full-spectrum product is like listening to Mozart compared to a leaky kitchen sink.
  3. Does your product list specific milligrams of cannabinoids? Many products today are labeled and sold as “Hemp Oil” or “CBD 1000.” But, when you read the specifics of the label, the nutritional facts are missing. If you don’t see the exact cannabinoid or CBD milligrams listed, do not trust it! A quality product from an ethical company will be clear, precise, and consistent in their marketing.
  4. Medicine shouldn’t be disgusting! Unfortunately, many CBD products are nasty, and end up sitting on an expensive shelf. This is usually because the oil they are made from goes rancid, or the hemp is processed on cheap machinery and leaves plant matter like chlorophyll in the oil. Over time this material rots and ruins the product. A quality CBD product is distilled on hi-tech equipment that ensures purity and taste.
  5. There’s only one way to know that you’re getting a safe and effective product: independent third-party testing. It’s unfortunate that the danger of unethical companies and sources is real. If your CBD doesn’t come with certified lab test results, your health is at risk. You need to know that what you and your family are taking is safe. We post images of our certified lab results on every product page for your comfort and certainty.

RevitaOil is a full-spectrum, lab-certified CBD oil. Every batch is tested for purity and our customers report amazing results. We are a small family owned and operated business with no intentions of scaling to a multi level marketing company. Our oil is very special and we take great pride in customer satisfaction.

RevitaOil: Organic, Full-Spectrum, Colorado-Grown

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  • review rating 5  I will be 70 this year and Revitalize Oil is amazing! My life has been better since I started taking it. Highly recommended

    thumb Maria Morrison

    review rating 5  Revita Oil has helped me sleep better, be less stressed and even helped a little with joint inflammation. It did take a full month to get these benefits but I am happy with the product and will continue to use it. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

    thumb Lee Deering

    review rating 5  This product has helped me with my chronic muscle spasms. After a few weeks of regular use I have a better range of motion and much better sleep. Have recommended it to others who love it too!

    thumb Rachel Broadbent
  • review rating 5  I tried the 350mg Oil and had limited but positive feedback from the use! I will be returning to Florida Green to get an increased strength to see how that works for me. The team was knowledgeable and friendly!

    thumb Robert Young

    review rating 5  Excellent quality. Decreased anxiety on first dose. Gastrointestinal pain improved after about a week. Will definitely purchase again. Thanks!

    thumb Beth Ann Smith

    review rating 5  This cbd product is the best one I’ve tried by far, I actually get relief for my pain while at work. I also have noticed that I can handle more situations that In the past I found hard to the in the past . I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to try .

    thumb Justin Barnes
  • review rating 5  Professional fast and easy instructions on how to get your medical card. They walk you through every step necessary with patience and politeness.

    thumb Ford Battle

    review rating 5  I am a newbie to RevitaOil, just finishing up my first bottle. I have tried a few different oils and by far this one has been my favorite. Over the last month using this oil I have found that I feel much better, both physically and mentally. I am looking forward to learning more. Thank you!

    thumb Laura Cairns

    review rating 5  Always great service. Fast shipping and a quality product. I recommend to everyone.

    thumb Shayla A


RevitaOil CBD ranges from 350mg to 3000mg! We also have an amazing CBD-infused soap and chicken-flavored products for dogs! Yes, dogs can also benefit from the relaxation, anti-inflammation, and anti-oxidant properties of CBD!


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