Is CBD legal?

RevitaOil CBD is derived from 100% legal Colorado hemp, not “marijuana” and always has less than the legal limit of .03% THC. You can rest easy knowing that you have a safe, effective, and legal product.

Why does my oil look different than last time I ordered?

Since RevitaOil is an all natural product, not a synthetic isolate mixed with a cheap oil like MCT, the color varies with the crop and season. This is a good thing! Each batch has varying levels of cannabinoids so you don’t build a tolerance and you always maximize the entourage effects from a broad spectrum of cannabinoids.

Will CBD make me high?

Extremely unlikely. CBD is not psychoactive like THC, meaning it does not induce “high” effects. It balances your endocannabinoid system to relieve anxiety and inflammation while promoting homeostasis and harmonic balance.

Can I drive after taking RevitaOil?

While you must operate your vehicle at your own risk, since CBD is not psychoactive, you should not experience difficulties diving. You may find that you’re a more relaxed and focused driver, but if you do feel intoxicated, immediately pull over in a safe location and request assistance.

Can I fly with RevitaOil?

CBD is legal in all 50 US states, so traveling is 100% legal. Be sure to consult the laws of any foreign country before flying internationally.

Will RevitaOil make me fail a drug test?

RevitaOil always has less than the legal limit of .03% THC. This makes it incredibly unlikely that you will fail a drug test. If your employer, or other agency, is testing you, discuss your use of CBD before ingesting RevitaOil.

Will CBD affect my other medications?

The odds of CBD contraindicating with other medications is near-zero, however always consult your physician before consuming CBD.

How is RevitaOil extracted?

RevitaOil experts at our Colorado Springs laboratory use ethyl alcohol to extract our cannabinoids from the hemp. This is a clean, safe, and broad-spectrum extraction method.

What’s the difference between full spectrum and isolate?

Isolate CBD usually comes from industrial farms in China. This almost guarantees the presence of harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and toxins. It also limits the effectiveness and duration of CBD’s healing potential. Our bodies need the “entourage effect” of a full spectrum of cannabinoids. While a CBD isolate may provide some quick results, they usually fade quickly and can never match the healing potential of a full spectrum.

Why does organic matter?

News articles and research papers are being published everyday about the health hazards of pesticides, heavy metals, and toxins in our food and water supply. We will never allow these endocannabinoid-disrupting chemicals into our products or your family’s bodies.

How do I know this is real?

Third Party Test Results. If you’re shopping for CBD, and the company doesn’t offer complete third party panel testing, you cannot fully trust them. RevitaOil is always batch-tested for purity, concentration, and broad-spectrum cannabinoids.


The Cannabis plant has a history of medicinal use dating back thousands of years in many cultures

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